Below are some common questions asked by couples looking at the Barn. We want to provide detailed information that is relevant for you to make your venue selection.   

What is the rental fee for The Barn on Unity Farm and what does it include? 

Please see our rental fee page for pricing and what is included.

How much time do I have to decorate? Can I hold a rehearsal? 

Our Saturday wedding package provides you (Thursday from 10am to 8pm and Friday from 10am to 8pm) to decorate and hold a rehearsal in addition to your big event (Saturday from 10am to midnight). That’s three full days included in the Saturday rental!   

Our Sunday wedding package, provides you (Tuesday 3pm to 8pm), to rehearse and make your selection of props and decorations to be used for your ceremony and reception for your big day (Sunday 10am to midnight).

What decorations can I use?  What if I have some of my own? 

You are free to pick and choose the decorations that you want to use from The Barn on Unity Farm. We have a huge selection of decorations and props for you to use! Rustic, shabby chic, classy, country, elegant (you name it and we probably have it). We continue to add to our collection! You are welcome to use your own decorations too! When we clean up, we will set your decorations aside and you can pick them up later; we just ask that you retrieve them within 12 days. 

What is the Barn’s capacity? 

The WV Fire Marshall has approved indoor occupancy for 299 people (chairs only) and 175 people (tables and chairs). We provide tables and chairs to accommodate 200 people.  

What dates are available? 

Check out our calendar for availability. 

How do I reserve a date? 

In order to reserve your wedding date at The Barn on Unity Farm, a 25% ($1625) initial payment is required when we sign the contract.   

Is there a security deposit? 

Yes. A $500 refundable security deposit is required two weeks prior to your venue date. If no damages occur, this amount will be refunded to you within 30 days after your event.

How can I pay? 

Method of payment is cash, check or money order. You may hand deliver cash, or mail check or money order to The Barn on Unity Farm, 535 Unity Barn Road, Princeton, WV, 24739. A payment receipt will be provided monthly along with a remaining balance statement.   

Can I make payments? When is full payment due? 

When you reserve your venue date on our calendar along with the 25% initial payment ($1625) and your signed contract as described above, we will provide a monthly payment plan tailored for you with the remaining balance including WV sales tax. 100% of the total balance is due in full 60 days prior to your venue date.

Why do I need special event insurance? How much will that cost? 

While The Barn on Unity Farm has general liability insurance, event insurance will protect your guests and ensure that any damages to the property during your event are covered. The Barn on Unity Farm requires you to purchase event insurance with a $1,000,000 limit, which usually costs between $75 and $150, depending on the number of guests and if you serve alcohol. Most insurance carriers offer this type of insurance. Proof of event liability insurance is required two weeks prior to your venue date. Remember to include liquor liability if you plan to have alcohol served at your event (we only allow beer, wine and champagne to be served at The Barn on Unity Farm). 

Can I just stop by for a tour? 

We kindly request that you schedule a tour by contacting us. Due to our event schedule, it is not possible for us to accommodate drop-ins.  

When can I take my engagement photos on The Barn on Unity Farm grounds? 

Once the contract is signed, and the initial payment is received, the couple along with their photographer will be granted access to the property for their session. We ask that you contact us in advance so that we know when you will be on the property and to make sure that your visit doesn't conflict with a scheduled event. 

Do we have to use your caterer?   

No. Other venues require that you use their caterer. We want you to be able to select your own caterer / vendors and make your own choices.

Is alcohol allowed?

We offer beer, wine, champagne, seltzer and a signature drink. All alcohol must be purchased through The Barn on Unity Farm and served by the contracted bartender. No outside alcohol will be permitted on the property. You will be required to add the liquor liability insurance to your event policy. 

Will there be another wedding the same day? 

No. The Barn on Unity Farm wants you to enjoy your special day and not have to share it with another event!   ! 

What time does our wedding need to end? 

The Barn on Unity Farm closes at midnight; so we suggest you start wrapping up your event around 11pm in order for the musicians/DJs to dismantle their equipment and be off the premises in time. Everyone must be off of the property by midnight.

Are there accommodations nearby? 

The Barn on Unity Farm is located in Princeton WV, and a 10 minute drive from its many restaurants, hotels and airbnb. 

Do you provide plates, cups, silverware, etc? 

No. The Barn at Unity Farm provides an amazing venue, tables, choice of white or ivory linens, chairs and lots of props and décor. However, linens for the caterer food service, cake and dessert table as well as plates, cups, and silverware are NOT provided by The Barn on Unity Farm and will need to be provided by you or your caterer. 

Who does the cleanup? 

The Barn on Unity Farm provides the cleanup following the reception, except for leftover food, beverage, and resulting food service trash (if using a caterer, that should be included in your catering contract). We will accommodate up to (8) large garbage bags for disposal during your event rental. You will be required to remove additional garbage bags at the end of the night or elect to pay $5 per garbage bag overage. 

What if it rains? 

The Barn on Unity Farm staff along with the client will implement an indoor ceremony floor plan prior to the wedding date. 

Can we have our vendors drop off items or pick them up outside of the rental period? 

We work really hard to make all of our 'couples’ wedding day perfect, so unfortunately, we cannot have items dropped off before your rental period or left behind after your rental period. Please advise your vendors of this policy. The only exception is your own decorations, which we will gladly hold up to 12 days after your event rental so you can enjoy your honeymoon and not stress over who's going to pick up your decorations. 

Can vehicles be left overnight? 

No. Vehicles cannot be left overnight. Please advise your guests of this policy. 

Are children allowed? 

Of course! We just ask that any children under the age of 16 are supervised at all times!   

Is there any decoration NOT allowed? 

The Barn on Unity Farm consists of more than 100 acres surrounding our newly constructed wedding barn. We want to be sure it is protected. Therefore, we don’t allow decorations that leave any kind of residue: this includes crayons, markers, glow sticks, loose beads, loose gems, loose marbles, helium balloons, confetti, glitter, silly string, tacks, staples, all types of tape inside or outside the venue. In addition, no hard candy, rice, birdseed, fog machines, bubble machines, glow sticks, sparklers or pyrotechnics are permitted inside the barn. If you are having a flower girl throw petals for the outdoor ceremony, please use real petals. No artificial petals, rice, pyrotechnics, fireworks, or sky lanterns permitted outside. Use of birdseed, bubble machines  and wedding sparklers are permitted outside for wedding and reception farewells (in designated area only and must receive prior approval by The Barn on Unity Farm staff).

What if I need to change the date? 

In the event, you are forced to change the date of the wedding due to rare, unforeseen circumstances, every effort will be made by The Barn on Unity Farm to transfer reservations to support the new date (if available). If we approve your request to reschedule, you will have 30 days to select a new date (if available). If we are able to fill your original date at full value we will transfer 100% of payments received by you toward your new date. If we are unable to fill your original date we will transfer 50% of payments received by you toward your new date. However, if not rescheduled to a new date within 30 days of your cancellation you will forfeit all monies paid. If you are allowed to transfer your date, you will be required to sign a new contract with the current contract rental price along with a $500 transfer of contract fee.    

What is the cancellation policy? 

In the event you should cancel, all payments made before the date of cancellation are non-refundable and non-transferable. The Barn on Unity Farm requires cancellations to be made in writing.