About Us


The idea for The Barn on Unity Farm began in 2016 when our daughter got engaged! Amber had very clear ideas for her wedding day. She wanted a wedding that was elegant, but rustic; shabby, but chic; she wanted to get married in a barn. So, we set out on a journey to make her dream a reality.

The Problem

There were few options in our corner of West Virginia and its surrounding areas.The venues we did find had policies that I found irritating, unfair, strict, and stiff! Each place we visited had numerous add-on fees and time restraints. When I would inquire about the total cost, they could not give me a total amount! Instead, they had a long list of questions:

  • Will you be having the ceremony onsite? (Additional charge.)
  • Do you plan on having the reception onsite? (Additional charge.)
  • Will the rehearsal dinner be onsite?  (Additional charge.)
  • Will you be cleaning up after or would you like for us to cleanup? (Additional charge.)
  • How many chairs, tables, and linens will you need to rent? (More charges!)
  • Decorations or props? (Additional charges by the piece!)

It was one upcharge after another!

And the schedule... The venues we talked to gave you only five hours to decorate AND have the rehearsal dinner the day before? Some allowed a few hours the day of your wedding to get ready onsite - in their RESTROOM or PUBLIC reception area. Really? Who wants to experience that?

The Solution

In the end, we couldn’t find the perfect venue, so we decided to build one. The Barn on Unity Farm is the solution to this up-charging, stress-inducing situation that I just described. Planning for your wedding should be a great experience from the moment you say YES all the way to the I DO and HAPPILY EVER AFTER! We've all dreamed about the fairy tale wedding! That's what we want to provide and nothing less! Not only is the Barn a beautiful, unique, and accessible venue for your perfect day, when you book at the Barn we provide you with the exact cost upfront! No hidden fees or add-ons! Everything is included with our price! We built a wedding barn specifically with the needs of the bride and groom - and ALL the preparations for this most important day -in mind.

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